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Film Noir
by Felix E. Feist

eye 118,558

favorite 121

comment 22

"Tough cop helps his lover cover up the shooting of her wealthy husband. Mainstream noir, primarily distinguished by its acting and San Francisco visuals." - noir expert Spencer Selby Cast: Lee J. Cobb, John Dall, Jane Wyatt, Lisa Howard. 81 min.
favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 22 reviews )
Film Noir
by Lewis Milestone

eye 63,836

favorite 96

comment 20

"Man is waylaid by chance in old home town, meets a girl down on her luck and a turbulent couple with whom he shares a dark childhood secret. Significant noir melodrama focusing on provocative, intermingling relationships of neurotic love, guilt and fear." - noir expert Spencer Selby Cast: Barbara Stanwyck, Van Heflin, Lizabeth Scott, Kirk Douglas (his first film), Judith Anderson, Roman Bohnen, Darryl Hickman. 115 min.
favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 20 reviews )
Topic: Martha Ivers, Lewis Milestone, Stanwyck, Kirk Douglas
Film Noir
by Steve Sekely

eye 78,758

favorite 65

comment 15

"Harsh tale of an alienated criminal's attempt to impersonate his psychiatrist-double. Important fatalistic noir, with classy visuals and a very fine script that features a creative doppelganger theme." - noir expert Spencer Selby Also titled "Hollow Triumph". Cast: Paul Henreid, Joan Bennett, Eduard Franz, Leslie Brooks, John Qualen. 82 min.
favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 15 reviews )
Topic: film noir, Joan Bennett, The Scar
Film Noir
by Edgar G. Ulmer

eye 53,697

favorite 61

comment 10

"Adolescent believes that his widowed mother's suitor may have murdered his father. Stylish cheapie by the recognized master of stylish cheapies." - noir expert Spencer Selby
favoritefavoritefavorite ( 10 reviews )
Topic: film noir, Ulmer